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High performance blockchains, like EOS, provide scalable, adaptable, and user-friendly blockchain solutions.  The latest blockchains also create an environment were value can be distributed and wealth can be retained by all of the stakeholders instead of only a relative few. 

Digital Marketing In 2019: Cost Effective Marketing That Every Modern Business Needs

The latest digital marketing best practices and methods to ensure your business stays competitive, and excels, during these modern times.

Project Management In 2019: Achieve Quality Results Ahead Of Schedule & Under Budget

How to effectively manage and lead teams to exceed stakeholder expectations.  How to have accountability and increase productivity by effectively monitoring and refining processes.

How 3D Printing & Blockchain Are Revolutionizing global Commerce

How 3D printing is making traditional manufacturing and trade wars less relevant.  Also, how blockchain is improving every stage of commerce.  Then, concludes with case studites on how 3D printing & blockchain can be used together to further improve commerce.

"Mark is able to present complex topics in a way that makes the audience not only understand the topic, but also have them excited to implement the solutions presented."
Edgar Guerrero

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Blockchain Introduction & History

Explains the what, why, when, where, and the how of blockchain.  Also, lists the future blockchain solutions to be released in the near future.

Project & Product Management Fundamentals

Defines project and product management.  Similarities and differences of the two are listed and explained. 

SEO & Content In 2019

The latest SEO and content marketing best practices.  How to properly integrate the two reach your traffic and conversion goals.

International Commerce & 3D Printing In 2019

The current state of commerce and 3D printing.  With a preview of innovations to come and problems needed to be solved.

Premium – (Currently Unavaliable) How 3D Printing & Blockchain Are Revolutionizing Commerce
Info – (Currently Unavailable) International Commerce & 3D Printing In 2019

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